Organize hybrid and virtual events where participants will enjoy themselves.

Host hybrid and virtual events in the ProspectumLIVE service. ProspectumLIVE offers a wide range of services and turns a traditional video stream into a real virtual event through visuals, interaction and networking. ProspectumLIVE is suitable for small webinars as well as large hybrid and virtual events.

Virtuaalitapahtumaan osallistuminen

More than 1000 organized virtual events

Sets a new standard for virtual event platforms.

ProspectumLIVE has already served as a platform for more than 1000 virtual or hybrid events of various sizes, offering equal participation opportunities to all participants. 


Virtual event organized






Exhibitors at events

* starting from August 2020

Key features

Includes all the necessary elements to organize a virtual event


In the lobby, participants meet and can start networking. The lobby also has a welcome video, access to the program halls and an exhibition.

Program halls

The program room has a video (live / recorded) or ZOOM meeting, as well as a chat and voting service for interaction.


Attendees will be offered an agile login to the event or a personalized link that can be delivered via email or text message. Confirmed authentication is also available (2FA).


Participants can chat on public chat channels, as well as have private conversations with other participants or exhibitors.

Video calls

Participants have the opportunity to start a video call with another participant or exhibitor.


The voting service is used to participate and collect information. Due to the two-way identification of participants and the use of weights, the service also supports the conduct of formal meetings.

Partners and exhibition

It is possible to sell exhibition venues of different levels for the event. A chat service can also be activated for the booths, in which case active interaction supports exhibition activities.


Event presentations, posters and abstracts can be distributed to the public electronically. A separate ePosterwall room can be created for poster materials.


Measure the success of your event goals with comprehensive analytics. Analytics can also be used to send certificates of participation.

For all events

Suitable for organizing hybrid and virtual events of all sizes

ProspectumLIVE scales and offers a solution from a small webinar to multi-day and international events. ProspectumLIVE also supports the implementation of hybrid events, providing equal participation opportunities for all, regardless of the method of participation.

  •  Webinars
  •  Training events
  •  Seminars
  •  Fairs
  •  Hybrid events
Virtuaalitapahtuman ulkoasun muokkaaminen

Customize appearance

Brand a virtual event for your own look

The virtual event platform is always customizable to match the visual look of the event. In the event lobby and program halls, you can customize the top and bottom banners, add a wallpaper and configure the coloring to suit the customer's instructions. Exhibition stands are visualized according to the exhibitor's requirements. The event organizer can customize the look of the event themselves with an easy-to-use control panel.

Genuine interaction

Provides a variety of ways to interact between participants

Participants can chat with each other or with exhibitors via private chat, participate in a general discussion of the event, and arrange meetings via video call. As an additional service to the event, a lobby space can be created where participants can spend time before the start of the broadcast.

ProspectumLIVE enables diverse interaction and networking for participants and the exhibition. The lobby and program rooms have their own room-specific chat services for everyone. In addition, real-time voting is possible on an event-by-event or room-by-room basis. In the exhibition booths, participants have the opportunity to start a discussion or video call with representatives of the exhibitors.

ProspectumLIVE meets WCAG AA level accessibility requirements.

Vuorovaikutusta virtuaalitapahtumassa
Virtuaalitapahtuman hallinta

Manage the event

Clear and easy-to-use control panel for managing a virtual event

The control panel allows the event organizer to easily edit and maintain the content of the virtual event.

  •  Content management & update
  •  Real-time notifications
  •  Participant communication (email, SMS)
  •  Participant login information and profile definition
  •  Import / export, analytics and grouping of participant data
  •  Manage event program and other content & amp; update
  •  Program room streaming settings
  •  Set up and manage video conferencing (including ZOOM connection)
  •  Exhibitor information, staff, etc. and reporting
  •  Chat message management, moderation and reporting
  •  Vote management, scheduling and reporting
  •  Download and distribution of materials
  •  Event analytics, attendance information, and room / department-specific visitor information

Hallittua kokoustamista

Turvallinen äänestyspalvelu virallisiin vuosikokouksiin

ProspectumLIVE tarjoaa turvallisen ratkaisun toteuttaa liiton, yrityksen tai yhdistyksen virallinen vuosikokous, liittokokous tai yhtiökokous (AGM). ProspectumLIVE:ssä on mahdollista tunnistaa osallistujat kaksivaiheisesti (2FA) ja analytiikkapalvelu kertoo ajantasaisen osallistujamäärän. ProspectumLIVE:ssä voidaan jakaa kokouksen aikataulun lisäksi myös esityslista ja muut kokousmateriaalit.

Videoyhteys voi perustua videostriimiin tai videokouspalveluun, esim. ZOOM, Teams tai ProspectumLIVE:n oma videokokouspalvelu.

Uuden äänestyksen luominen on yksinkertaista ja äänestäminen tapahtuu anonyymisti. Mikäli kokouksessa on paikalla valtakirjojen avulla korkeamman äänimäärän omaavia kokousedustajia, voidaan heille myöntää suurempi äänimäärä, joka huomioidaan tuloslaskennassa automaattisesti. Myös äänipotin jakaminen useammalle äänestyksessä esitettävälle vaihtoehdolle on mahdollista.

Hybridikokouksissa myös tapahtumassa paikalla olevat voivat äänestää ProspectumLIVE-palvelussa, jolloin äänten laskenta tapahtuu reaaliaikaisesti myös heidän osaltaan. Hybridikokouksiin tarjoamme myös rekisteröintipalvelut (checkin), nimikorttitulostukset ja muut tukipalvelut kokouspaikalla.

Palvelumme voi hankkia tapahtumakon

Are you interested? We will be happy to tell you more.

Also check out the frequently asked questions.


frequently asked

Answers to the most common questions

How to import video content, ie image and sound?

Video content can be brought to the platform either with the help of a streaming service or by utilizing, for example, the ZOOM service or ProspectumLIVE's own group video call. It is common for halls that gather large audiences to produce video as streamed content. Smaller workshops and “break-out spaces” can be implemented, for example, with a ZOOM or group video call.

Is there a maximum number of participants on the platform?

Audience volume has little effect on pricing, but the first 1,000 participants are always included in the base price

If we want to use a studio or order a video recording, how should we act?

If you have an existing partner, you can take advantage of the services they offer. If you do not have a partner ready, we can also help with the implementation of video production and offer solutions with the help of our partners.

Who does the platform visualization and content?

We can implement a virtual event with customer-supplied content (visual instructions, program content, etc.), but we also offer an easy-to-use management service that allows the customer to also edit information and even create new events. In any case, we offer immediate customer support by phone and email to everyone.

How can participants be identified?

There are several options for identifying participants. The event can be completely open or incoming participants can be asked for name and email information. The event can also be password protected. We can also send participants personal links via email or text message.

Do you have a strong access control for the annual meeting, for example?

At this stage, we offer two-step identification, in which a personal link is sent to the participant by e-mail and at the login stage, a one-time code via SMS. This method of identification is also suitable for international participants and does not require the collection and storage of personal identification numbers.

Can I provide partners with visibility or sell booths?

Yes, there are several alternative visibility locations and demonstration opportunities for partners. For the virtual exhibition, we offer three (3) stand options, which include, in addition to the logo, introductory text / images, access to videos and chat, as well as personal chat and video calls between representatives and participants.

If I have problems with the platform, where can I get help?

Our support service is available during normal office hours by phone and email. Out-of-office support must be agreed in advance. If there is a technical problem with the platform that prevents it from being used, it will be investigated and repaired as soon as the problem occurs outside office hours.

Privacy, who is responsible and what happens to the data?

All event information is always the property of the event organizer and the use of the information is by and under the responsibility of the event organizer. The collected data can be deleted from the platform either by Prospectum or by the customer from the control panel itself. Prospectum Oy is responsible for the proper and secure storage of information, and does not disclose the information to anyone or utilize it in its own operations.

What level of accessibility requirements does ProspectumLIVE meet?

ProspectumLIVE meets WCAG AA level accessibility requirements.