Updated April 4th 2021

Privacy policy

Finnish Personal Data Act (523/1999) 10§ and 24§ based privacy policy.


Prospectum Oy
Business ID: 2353129-3
Ylistönmäentie 24
40500 Jyväskylä
No. +358 40 543 3500

Contact person for matters regarding the register

CEO Pekka Neuvonen
Nro: +358 40 543 3500
Email: pekka.neuvonen@prospectum.fi

Register name

Prospectum Oy’s ProspectumLIVE – electronic event service’s parcitipant register. Commonly used terms are online, web or virtual event.

Register related services

ProspectumLIVE is a browser-based service which offers e.g. video footage streaming, a possibility for interaction and sharing information in ways determined by the event organizer and partners. Users can communicate with other attendees through the service. The service uses secured internet connection (https).

Person responsible for register content

The event organizer is the register’s controller, is responsible for the content and management of the register and has ownership of all participant information. Prospectum Oy offers a technical system for using the register and storing information.

Use of personal data

Personal data is collected for the execution of the register controller’s events (e.g. fairs, training, webinars, bulletins). The management of participant data is important for the event’s safety, transmitting messages and e.g. sending certificates of participation and feedback surveys.

It should be noted that if the event organizer requires registration in advance or the identification of those arriving to the event, participation without handing over any data required by the event organizer and saving it into the register is impossible. The event organizer is responsible of making sure that the collected data is relevant to the event. A contract is a lawful basis for managing personal data.

Data content of the register

The register contains a list of personal data, information collected for analytics and will always store the event participant’s email address.

Register also contains the following information

  • Person's name
  • Person’s contact information, e.g. phone number, address, work organization and job title.
  • Photograph
  • Person’s actions on the event’s website, e.g. opening links
  • Person’s location in the event area, e.g. presentation attendance and movements inside the exhibition area
  • Person’s right to participate in voting and possible vote weight differences during voting
  • Person’s other special rights determined by the event organizer
  • Person’s messages sent within the event’s public chat service, e.g. questions for the performers

The register does NOT contain any private chat conversations between the participants or the participant’s voting answers.

Data sources for the register

The register consists of data collected through an advance registration form or information given by participants upon arrival to the ProspectumLIVE service. A registered user can also give their information via an email or a phone call and this data then is saved into the register by the register controller. The register controller is responsible for saving the data and informing the person about the usage of this data according to valid legislation and data protection regulations.

Provision of data

The register controller is responsible of transmitting registered person’s data. A registered person’s data should be handed over to the register controller’s partners only when it is essential to organizing the event. The amount of transmitted data should always be kept as small as possible.

Transfer of data outside the EU/EEA

Data will not be transferred outside the EU/EEA.

Protection of the registry

a. Manual data

Manual data will not be produced from the register.

b. ADP processed data

The register’s users are identified, and their access controls are managed. Appropriate data security measures are in use.

Rights of the registered person

  1. A registered person has the right to access their personal data within the register if the person requesting these rights is capable of reliably confirming their registration. For the registered person using this right, the register controller will deliver an excerpt of the personal data stored within the register. The data will primarily be delivered electronically.
  2. A registered person has the right to have their personal data rectified if the data is incorrect, inaccurate or outdated.

    a. A registered person can edit their information through the event management system if the event allows it.
    b. In other cases, the correction must be requested from the register's contact person.
  3. A registered person has the right to limit the processing of their personal data if

    a. The registered person denies the accuracy of the data. The processing of the data will be restricted while the register controller verifys the accuracy of the data.
    b. The data has been unlawfully processed and the registered person opposes the erasure and requests rectriction instead.
    c. The register controller no longer needs the data but the registered person needs them in order to establish, exercise or defend a legal claim.
  4. The registered person has the right to receive the personal data that they have delivered to the register controller and the right move said data to another register controller. The data is delivered in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable form (CSV file).
  5. The registered person has the right to make a complaint to the authorities.